Friday, June 19, 2009

Guy Béart

French 60s (and later) folk singer.

An early 60s Scopitone:

Bonus clip: Béart/Gainsbourg on-air fight on Apostrophes, 1986!

Béart starts speaking at about 1:37. Basically, Gainsbourg thinks songwriting is a minor art (compared to painting, architecture, poetry), Beart thinks there's no such thing as a minor art.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Droids, "The Force," 1976

Teach-In, "The Robot," 1979

Speaking of the bottom of the barrell of Euro electro-disco...

Catherine Ferry, "Bonjour Bonjour," 1982

Scraping the bottom of the barrel of Euro electro-disco. Still fun, though.


Michel Fugain & Big Bazar

Mid 70s French, umm, "hippie collective." Unexplainable, not that it needs any explanation.

Was Big Bazar the inspiration for La Bande a Basile? You decide.

La Bande a Basile

1970's Commedia del'arte-styled French folk-song disco. Yes indeedy.

Nothing's quite as good as "La Chenille," but here are a couple more:

Godard trailers