Saturday, January 16, 2010

An album a day, #16: Joker the Bailbondsman, "Cash or Collateral," 2002.

This is NOT alterna-friendly hip-hop like the Jurassic 5 or whatever Danger Mouse is producing. Putting on the tired persona of a dealer, Joker--Alaska's finest--raps about what you might expect, blunts and rolls of bills and, well, "hos," Gangsta rap years too late and at 40 below. However. The production is the strangest electro-techno, not an organic sound or Amen break in sight, making all that subject matter alien, somehow, and alienated, distant, eerie... As such, I can't help but see his videos (from this and his following album, "Bi-polar") as weirdly post-apocalyptic, Alaska actually coming to stand for a nuclear-winter L.A. Is this intentional? I have no idea, and yes I'm reading them as a white guy, academic, whatever (which I guess already makes me alienated from their intended audience). Still, the music, the production, speaks for itself.

(NSFW, sexist, and all that. But the juxtaposition between the party chants and the production is, again, eerie.)

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