Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An album a day, #19: V.A., "Yo! Unplugged," 1991 (never released)

How about an imaginary album, for once, or rather an album that I waited for years to be released, and never was? MTV Unplugged released tons of crap albums, but they never bothered to put on CD even a 20-second sample of Yo! Unplugged, from 1991. I was living in Paris for the summer, bummed at an unexpected breakup that had happened just as I got to France, so I unfortunately ended up spending too much time in my rented room, which--on the plus side--had a cable TV with MTV Europe on it. That's where I first got to see this, and my jaw dropped. Probably the best live hip-hop performance ever. Had it ever been released, the album would have contained amazing acoustic performances by Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul too.

Here's another (embedding disabled) LL clip from the same show.

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